Athena & Odysseus

Wordle: Why does Athena love Odysseus above all other mortals?

Odysseus shows strong examples of wisdom not only in his thought process, which is exemplified in his words, but also in his action. Athena, being the goddess of wisdom, is drawn to Odysseus not only out of pity, but of his intelligence. Odysseus also shows characteristics of strength (which appeals to Athena as goddess of war/wisdom), a “man of many resources”, and takes “accomplishment in word and action”. Athena explains parts of this to Odysseus’ son, Telemachos who is not so quick on accomplishment and needs more guidance than Odysseus. Another reason why Athena favors Odysseus so much is that he is far from insolence. He is appropriate in manner and speech and has a profound loyalty to the gods which is noted several times by the gods themselves who state he has given much sacrifice to them. Odysseus also has a strong will in nature and is not one to give up. His abilities of being well-spoken in difficult and discomfited situations, his loyalty to his kin and the gods, his bravery, and of course wisdom, all bring Athena to love him (not romantically but greatly).

4 Responses to “Athena & Odysseus”

  1. dtimms says:

    I really liked the word choice in your wordle, and I myself felt the same way about why Athena loves Odysseus. That is the reason why Athena is helping Telemachos, perhaps she is hoping that by experiencing this journey Telemachos too may grow stronger and more like his father Odysseus. The man Athena loves so much.
    Douglas Timms

  2. dlustig says:

    the below comment was from Jordan and Dan

  3. dlustig says:

    I believe that the god’s affection for Odysseus also comes from the fact that they identify with him. throughout the first few chapters, they call him “god-like Odysseus”, maybe this could be a major factor as to why they favor him. I would say that the gods also admire his strength in battle and in will. For a human, he is quite resilient and is accepting of his fate.

  4. A. Pitts says:

    Yes!! Athena loves Odysseus so much because he embodies as far as a human is capable her own characteristics!! Very nice comments!!